Friday, July 1


Playing with my Artemesia
Originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.
I was just playing around with a ho-hum photo of some artemesia growing in our garden ... and ended up with this, which I think is kinda cool. Not a great work of art, but fun (for me anyway)

Here's the original photo for comparison:

Artemesia in the Garden

and the photo I blended with the first one:



Bitterroot said...

So creative! You are amazing!

RavenGrrl said...

thanks, edith. i was really just playing around, but it was kinda fun to see what resulted from my more-or-less random twiddlings in photoshop. I thought the inverted pattern looked so much like that big-print Hawaiian retro fabric the was used on curtains and upholstery back in the 40's (I think it was the 40's) anyway the important thing is I was having FUN! thanks for the compliment.