Thursday, July 14

Its Summer Time & Shasta Time

Sun Dried Sheets
Originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

Just wanted to post a note that we're leaving this weekend for our annual pilgrimage to Mount Shasta in California. We'll be gone for the rest of July.

We have someone taking care of the garden and kitty and Sam and house ... we are both running around like NUTS trying to get ready to leave our work behind, but boy is it gonna be great to be with our study group, to be back at SHASTA and, to leave our everyday cares and worries behind. I don't like leaving the garden, though ...

Well, I won't be posting on my blog for at least two weeks, probably more like 16 days or so. Don't give up on me. Come back and check in August for lots of great photos and reports of our adventures.

Later, friends!


KarbonKountyMoos said...

Have fun! We want to see lots of photos when you get back to the computer.

RavenGrrl said...

We're back - and I have few photos to show for the last 3 weeks. We were in places where for one reason or another, taking photos would have been totally inappropriate, so I just ignored my camera, and on the two day drive back to Helena, we were in such a hurry to get back (read my August 2 blog) we didn't have time to stop for photos. I'm SO glad to be back, though! Will have to check your blog when I have time.