Monday, July 4

Incredible Color

Incredible Color
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A couple days ago I chose a few of my 120 photos of Tim Carney and Barry Hood installing the Grandstreet Theatre window ... and made a set on my Flickr account showing the progress of the window's creation. Fatima blogged this photo on the Catchy Colors photoblog (which, by the way has some incredible vibrant color photos) and it actually looks much better against the black background of her photoblog.

From inside the theater, at least when the balcony curtains are open, on a sunny day the colors of this window are intense. When they get the lighting installed, people passing by outside will be able to see how beautiful the colors are, as well.

Here are several more photos showing Tim and Barry installing the window. It is huge -- and was quite a task to install. Click here to see the whole set of making-the-window photos, arranged in progressive order.

Careful, Now....

Tim in the Window

Installing the Theatre Window

Almost finished!