Monday, March 28

Companions in the Garden - it's Spring!

Thinking about planting the garden, and what likes to grow next to what ... companions ... maybe because I'm a little blue on this cold March day, and a little lonely, my mind wanders to companion plants. My houseplants are my companions. Sam and Baggins are my companions. Tim is too, but he's not here at the moment. Sam is snoring. Baggins is out stalking insects or defending the alley against intruder cats. So many family and friends live in places where they are already enjoying the warmth of real spring while we are still in the thick of winter here. Oh well, so I plan and plot and scheme how to grow the garden even better this year in the short growing season we do have.

Cabin fever; plant and seed catalog fever; garden design fever.
These are from our garden last summer:

Oregano, Echinacea, Daylilies, Sedum & Ajuga Sedum Vera Jameson, Blue Haze Euphorbia & Calendula Ornamental Cabbage, French Green Beans and Daylilies

Here is a useful chart for companion plants,from the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Robyn Parry designed this Permaculture Companion Planting (left) for her No Dig Garden

Please check out her website - it's full of interesting and personal information on permaculture and sustainable gardening.