Wednesday, April 5

Paying Attention to Smells

Spring Couple

I took Sam to the duck pond at the county fairgrounds today -- seems to be no end to the interesting places we can find around the fairgrounds. Lately Sam hasn't wanted to go in the water and I have figured it's because he's over 100 (in dog years) and maybe, just maybe doesn't want to get his old creaky joints all wet and cold. But today he walked right into the water and flopped down maybe to cool his belly. Then he slowly got up, walked right out to where the water was too deep to stand and kept on going. Swimming slowly towards the geese and ducks he could see off a ways ... he can't hear much, so I'm pretty sure he wasn't going toward the "noise."

Sam's vision and sense of smell are still keen and it seemed he was heading toward the excitement, the festive atmosphere filled with the smells of duck poop, soggy bread chunks (people throw bread to the birds) and just plain ol' spring-in-Montana smells! There was definitely something going on of some interest out there in the middle of the lake and he was damned if he wasn't going to participate!

Anyway, I will post a few of the pretty-good-pics I took of Sam in the water .... tomorrow. In the meantime, here is one I clicked, of some brave and curious Canada geese who came close enough for a decent shot.