Friday, April 28

4wd ... no coffee yet ... road block ... pre-dawn ... blur vision

Tim and I have recently returned from an awesome trip to the Greek island of Crete. We were both working there as well as spending time at a spiritual retreat on the island. It was a physically demanding time, yet we both want to go back as soon as we can. Crete is an incredibly nourishing place while at the same time presenting challenges (such as the prickly shrubs that seem to fill in all of the open spaces on the island). The Mediterranean was warm enough to swim in, especially on days I thought I was going to keel over from sweating and working in the sun!

4wd ... no coffee yet ... road block ... pre-dawn ... blur vision
Originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

Just before sunrise most mornings, we either hiked or took a 4wd jeep to where we were working on a landcaping project. These sheep greeted up each day somewhere along the road. It's blurry because I was half asleep, not having had my usual cup of coffee that morning.

I will write more about Crete as I have time in the next week or so. Please check back if you're interested in reading or seeing more photos.

Here are some I've uploaded so far from our time in Kriti (Crete) If you'd like to see any of these pics at a larger size, click on the corresponding title below the mosaic and it will take you to that photo's page on my flickr stream.

1. Sunrise Work Break, 2. Defense against the Cretan Goats, 3. Sunrise Glow, 4. 4wd ... no coffee yet ... road block ... pre-dawn ... blur vision, 5. Before Dawn Monolithic Stones, 6. Sea Foam, Crete Morning, 7. Forms of Crete, 8. Gentle Mediterranean Shore, 9. Springtime surf on Crete, 10. Slow Denizen of Crete, 11. Wild Orchid, 12. Lone Carob, 13. White, 14. Blue & Yellow on Crete, 15. Mediterranean Blue, 16. Crete Lavender, 17. Phlomis growing wild on Crete, 18. MidDay Shade on Crete, 19. Red Dancers, 20. Garden Wall, Greece, 21. Growing Low in the Gardens Now, 22. Roadside Shrine, 23. Good Friday, 24. Pondering layouts over Nescafe