Friday, April 15

Tribute to an old-soul friend of mine

Sam after his Spring Haircut
Sam, just hours after his spring, 2005 haircut

I thought I would post some photos of my trusty companion, Sam, who is 16 (human) years old this year (2005) That means he's over 100 in dog years. Definitely a senior, and a right spry senior at that. He still enjoys life, wags his tail, loves walks (although he seems to love the first half of the walk more than the second, going-home half...)

I am going to write some of his story here on my blog. I'll add to it as I have time. It's a remarkable story and Sam has been an incredible old friend for a long time. He's getting really old. We don't know how much longer he'll be with us. But... you never know with anybody, right? I mean, I could die tomorrow. Or tonight. So could he. So could any of us. Life is too precious to let it go by without expressing appreciation.

So here, I am expressing appreciation for a friend who has loved me -- loved Mickey, Gabe, Tim -- unconditionally. No matter what. He beams love to us. He also beams at us: "food, please, just a mere scrap of that thing you're eating."

It seems to me, people usually wait until someone dies to share their feelings about that person, or to share a tribute to that person. Why not do it while your loved ones are still alive?

It's like flowers ... why wait until a funeral to bring flowers? Bring flowers whenever you think about it! While your husband, wife, mother, sister, grandparent, friend .... are still alive, to enjoy the flowers. So, I'm writing this tribute (and it's a work in progress, mind you) about Sam while he's still quite alive -- and kickin.

Our Handsome Old Sam
Sam, on the day of his spring haircut.
He looks younger and older at the same time. Younger because he just isn't covered with all that shag ... and older because you can see how skinny he is and you can see all his lumps and bumps. Signs of age, I guess. sigh.

Sam likes to go with us on our pilgrimages to the river. Here he is with me, his favorite "alpha dog" a couple months ago. Late February, same hike below: Sam in March at the River

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Why fight over the chair, they've just learned to share it.

to be continued......


Kim Carney said...

I love mature dogs, they look so wise, so patient. Yours is precious. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my flowers. I am having so much fun shooting macro this spring!

RavenGrrl said...

Thanks to you, Kim, for commenting on my blog. It's been a few weeks since I've paid much attention to it - we (Tim and I) had to work longer hours getting ready to leave since we're both self-employed; next our trip to Utah, then I ended up with some nasty, nasty crud that turned into a bronchial yuck infection. bleh. I hate being sick!!!

Anyway, it was nice to see a comment from someone else. thanks.

Celeste said...

I loved hearing about Sam.
And I agree with you about giving flowers and showing appreciation every day. Each day when my husband goes to work we say "have a nice day", but not in a McDonalds way, we say it like it might be the last thing we say to each other and we each take a snapshot in our memories of how we looked a that moment, just in case.

KarbonKountyMoos said...

Pats for Sam - he looks like a great guy.