Wednesday, April 13


I found this dandy little clip in Greenclips, an email subscription-based newsletter. You can subscribe to Greenclips here:

In a surprising twist on continuing education, residents of the Gowanus section of Brooklyn paid $20 to take Dumpster Diving 301, a course on fishing for free home-improvement materials—things like scratched doors and mismatched kitchen cupboards—from construction waste bins. Students in the seminar, sponsored by an "art combine" called the Madagascar Institute, where do-it-yourselfers trying to cut construction costs by sorting through nail- and-grime-ridden rejectamenta. Their leaders were two seasoned teachers, Omar Freilla and Maureen Flaherty. Like a lot of other Dumpster divers, Ms. Flaherty and Mr. Freilla—who said he and his wife plan to buy and restore a home in the South Bronx using found materials—practice the sport not only to conserve cash but also to decrease Earth-clogging waste. One of Ms. Flaherty’s biggest tips was to watch for building permits and construction-size dumpsters. Meanwhile, Build It Green! NYC, a 17,500-square-foot low-end ‘Lowe's,’ opened last month in Astoria, Queens, with stacks of reclaimed kitchen cabinets, mismatched doors and carefully mined wood molding, along with sinks, radiators, handrails— even a few new Andersen windows. -- 1st printed in The New York Times, 24 Mar 05, p. D10, by Carole Braden


gabe said...

damn, that's pretty cool. reminds me of a thing we have in bring, a really successful building materials recycling center called "bring". I've gotten a large number of the inspirations for my work out at bring, sorting through piles of leftover building materials. In fact, bring even sponsors salvaged art auctions to raise money for their recently developed new facility, a model in green, sustainable development.

gabe said...

ps, I like how you figured out the html to put hyperlinks in your text. pretty slick.

RavenGrrl said...

Gabe, the hyperlink html isn't something I figured out. It's really easy and is right in the window where you create a new post. It looks like a little padlock (or something like that - w/o my glasses I can see details)

Anyway, glad you thought that Madagascar Institute thing was cool - would "bring" be interested in sponsoring you (maybe even paying you) to teach a 1/2 day dumpster diving/scrounging seminar?