Sunday, January 23

Thinking about making art ... what's it good for? Here's an excerpt from an article in Adbusters about how artists can/should actively try to change society for the better, through their art:

" ... on view at Massachusett's MASSMoCA through March 2005: The Interventionists. These artists seek to "enter physically,"
writes Nato Thompson in the show's catalog:
"that is, they place their work into the heart of the political situation itself. By changing the context - going into the streets or bringing the "real world" into the gallery - art makes the much-touted, yet little realized, leap between art and life. For example, the exhibition features mobile shelters for the homeless created by Krzysztof Wodiczko and the Danish art group n55 that could easily be relegated to a museum show on design. But fabricated for actual use outside the gallery, these constructions serve dual roles of giving practical help to the homeless while using aesthetic means to raise the visibility of the easily overlooked urban poor."

Making another world possible