Monday, January 24

A Quantum View of Art

Your consciousness supposedly affects the behaviour of subatomic particles. There is an interaction between mind and matter. Something about the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky Effect and Bell's Inequality thing.

A work of ART does not exist in a vacumn. It's impact and effect depends almost entirely on the perception of it's meaning by viewers. Art needs at least one person to see it, and is forever changed by the actual presence and seeing, of the viewer(s).

Viewers become part of the art as they come into contact with it, either from far off, in close proximity or through physical touch and participation. Viewers themselves have an effect on the meaning and impact of the piece, both for themselves and for others viewing the same piece. As one is viewing the artwork, one is also part of the scene from the point of view of others seeing you in the context of the piece. By your presence you contribute to the experience and thus, change the piece forever.

This is a very unpolished idea, inspired by Arthur Danto's article on the MoMA, published in The Nation. Danto wrote about Yoshio Taniguchi's 2004 redesign of the MoMA, "...the consciousness of others moving from space to space is so much a part of the experience that one feels one is always part of a constantly changing work of art."