Friday, March 21

Easter Humor perfect for Helena, Montana

Thanks to cartoonist Roy Doty.

In Helena, where it seems everytime the city makes a decision on what to "do" about the deer problem someone puts the kabosh on acting on it .... well, one of the few coping mechanisms left to us ordinary citizens is humor.

Anyone posessing a good sense of humor -- and an opinion about the "urban deer problem" in their town, will get a chuckle out of Roy Doty's series of human/wildlife interactions. Check out his comics at the Safari Club Foundation.


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C. said...

Hi, I've been trying for ages to comment on your beautiful blog - especially the page about trees, which is so beautiful!. And it's been difficult to know how to comment since so many pop ups come up :-)

I have linked you to my site because I would love many people to see your beautiful writing!!!