Tuesday, May 22

A Shared Birthday

Gabe and John share May 22nd -- they were both born on the same day, 5 years apart. Both are good men: creative, artistic, musical, smart, Gemini's. I am honored to know you, to be in your family.

Happy Birthday to Gabe and John -- I wish you both adventure, love, fulfillment and good luck in the coming year.

above left, Gabe doing a live painting (photo by Aaron Rogesin) and right, John playing his guitar in our living room (my photo)

Gabe lives in Portland, making a living as an artist.

John lives in Salt Lake City, earning his keep as a server in the best (imho) Japanese restaurant in the west -- Takashi's


Rachael said...

I always admire people who can make a living as an artist. I suspect I just don't try hard enough.

maureen said...

Rachael, I bet it isn't that you're not trying hard enough. I think very few people actually make their living as artists without having at least one other "real" (heheh) job to pay the bills. Gabe is just starting out and lives very simply -- intentionally -- so he doesn't have to make a big income with his art. Yet. It's also probably a matter of priorities. Right now Gabe doesn't have a family to support. He might have to work as a landscaper, mason, waiter, whatever ... if he had kids. Just a thought. I hope you start having some well deserved success with your art/photography. Soon! :-D

furiousBall said...

I always worried when my keychain starting filling up, more and more responsibilities. I had to cut the hair eventually and put this noose on every morning now.

Princess Haiku said...

Congratulations on your gifted son; you have reason to be proud.

Anonymous said...

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