Tuesday, September 5

I said I like my life

A simple illustration for Marge Piercy's poem
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I said I like my life. If I have to give it back, if they take it from me,
let me only not feel I wasted any, let me not feel I forgot
to love anyone I meant to love, that I forgot to give
what I held in my hands, that I forgot
to do some little piece of the work that
wanted to come through.

An excerpt of "If They Come in the Night," by Marge Piercy

This handwritten piece is framed and hanging above my kitchen sink. I have had Marge Piercy's powerful words hanging over the kitchen sink in whatever house I have lived in, since I was in my twenties -- hmm, somewhere around 28 years or so. I read it almost every single time I rinse veggies or fruit, or wash the dishes after a meal.

There have been times I really needed to see these words, to take them into my heart, when I felt darkness threatening to take over. There have been times just reading these words that have become so familiar to me -- from the daily sight of them -- buoyed my spirit and helped me remember what is important. About life. About love. About gratitude.

I hope someone who needs to take these words to heart will see this ... and find their own power.