Friday, May 19

Visions of Clarity or Vision Gone Bad?

Visions of Clarity or Vision Gone Bad?
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This is a followup post to my description and photo-image of "Slowly Going Blind" that I posted for Poetry Thursday last week.

I have had so many frustrations trying to obtain the correct prescriptive lenses and/or bifocals to help me see better. I depend utterly on my visual sense and have trouble imagining how I will or would get along without being able to see clearly.

I shot these photos at my eye doctor's just before we left on our trip, so I could play around with them and come up with something like how I see things without glasses. The folks at his office thought I was a bit weird coming in for my third eye exam with my digital camera. I tried to reassure them I am not spying for another eye doctor and I will not identify the doctor in my artwork.

So .... I still don't have the right glasses. If this last go-round doesn't produce some glasses that help me see, plus don't make me nauseous or dizzy, I'm goin somewhere else!